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Events that marked our journey.


Postgraduates from ITA, Eduardo Novais and Jerônimo Faria come together after completing their research with the idea of starting a new business involving the infrared inspection technique.


That same year, they approved an R&D (Research and Development) project by FAPESP.


Subiter opens in February, based in the São José dos Campos Technological Park incubator, through the Nexus Growth program.


The company delves deeper into the development of new technologies and knowledge of the universe of inspections of composite materials.


Participation in open innovation challenges promoted by large companies.


Signing of a contract with Usiminas to carry out 2 pilot projects.


Signing of a contract with Vale to carry out a PoC (Proof of Concept) for a new technology.


One of the projects was extremely successful and gave rise to Subiter's first product: Parallax.


Interactions begin with a giant in the nautical segment to apply infrared inspection technology to vessel hulls.


Approval of continuation of the FAPESP project.


Approval of a FINEP Rota 2030 project for quality inspection of welding seams on automotive parts.


Access to more than R$3 million in resources for training technical staff.


Graduated from the Nexus Growth program.


Inauguration of the new office in the post-incubation of the São José dos Campos Technological Park.


Team expansion and new management model.


Operational base in Santa Catarina.


Working in the largest shipyards in the country.


Holding the first edition of Subiter Innovation Day, an event held in Itajaí-SC, focused on inspections of fiber materials for the nautical segment.


New headquarters opened in the Business Center II of the Technological Innovation Park. A large space designed for the coexistence and well-being of the entire team, customers and partners.

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